Handling a husband’s anger – part 1 (podcast)

The first key Bible principles that will guide a wife in handling a husband’s anger, rage, disrespect, or verbal abuse  (Debbie and Sarah)

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One Comment on “Handling a husband’s anger – part 1 (podcast)

  1. Great sermon Debby! Hey, a quick suggestion and PleAsE, if it doesn’t jive with your website or your teachings goals or anything else, no big deal!

    Would it be possible for you to list in text below each sermon the bible verses mentioned? I have notes everywhere from your teachings: my phone, my email, 4-5 notebooks around my house that everyone uses, little tiny pieces of paper smashed in my wallet unreadable. Ha! Since I can’t get my organizational skills together \*Q*/ can you recommend an app, email trick, or any other method where I could keep a readily available list of your cited verses? Thanks in advance!

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