About Debbie


Thanks for joining me!  I’m a pastor’s wife, Bible teacher, conference speaker, founder and director of the wives ministry called Squadron of Sisters, and Executive Director of Great Awakening Productions, which produces several Christian podcasts.   My passion is to provide women with the wisdom, guidance, and hope I’ve discovered for myself in God’s Word.

In addition to my daily podcasts,  take advantage of my daily 2 minute YouTube videos devoted to encouraging and guiding wives.  Check out my video channel.

If you’re a wife, I invite you to get free daily tips that will transform your marriage by following my blog called The Appreciated Wife.  Here’s the link to my blog for wives. 🙂

There are also many free resources for you at our wives ministry website.  Browse to your heart’s content at www.squadronofsisters.com.

Grab free talk show podcasts below:

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4 Comments on “About Debbie

  1. any information for older women that have lost loved one and now struggling to start a life alone.

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