Debbie is a passionate, Bible-based speaker who loves to equip women to overcome Satan’s schemes and tap into God’s power to redeem their relationships and their emotional pain.


Some of her favorite topics include:
  • Bible guidance for wives facing sinful or disrespectful behavior by their husbands
  • How to improve communication and resolve conflict in marriage
  • Affair-proofing and porn-proofing your marriage
  • How to help your husband without being codependent
  • How to become a woman of confidence, dignity and self-respect
  • How esteeming your husband impacts your man and radically transforms your marriage
  • Recognizing and overcoming Satan’s schemes to destroy your marriage
  • Divorce recovery, second marriages & step-parenting

Debbie is happy to work with you to make speaking at your event affordable.

To learn more, email debbie@debbiechavez.com


One Comment on “Speaking

  1. You talk some weird stuff your presentations. Stuff my wife would never do and has never done in 40 yrs of marriage. She has always been a: ‘Your a big boy so take care of it yourself’ type person. Her idea of helping is to say go ahead and let me know how it goes when you are done. Dear lady I’m ready to lay down a die and be taken up to that pain and stress free zone called the ‘Bosom of Abraham’. Keep up the good work, God Bless you greatly.

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