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3 Comments on “Donate

  1. My name is Tamara, and I’m from Statesville, NC.
    My husband Brandon is not saved.
    I feel like GOD helped me find you. I was looking up Christian family menu plans, and found your channel mixed in.
    I listen to Christian women at night at my job. And so many of these women are wonderful, but I can’t relate much to them about things cause they have saved husbands and don’t have to work…etc… and they make life seem perfect.
    But life is messy. At least mine is sometimes.
    A few women said stuff about verbal abuse, but to them, being called stupid or dumb was horrible.
    I found some of your videos, and I could relate so much more to them. I love my husband, and I try to show JESUS to him through my life. He’s a good man, a faithful man. But he’s an angry man and had a rough homelife. He can be exceptionally cruel sometimes. Your videos have helped me so much. ALL of them. Even the ones that don’t relate to me or him.
    Thank you for all you do. I wish I had more to give to your ministry, but we don’t have a lot of extra money.
    GOD Bless you and your husband. 💜

  2. I’m trying to leave a donation, but it keeps taking me to a radio page that shows you and your husband and I can’t find a place to donate. Can you tell me where I do that?
    Thank you.

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