Podcasts at Squadron of Sisters

Overcoming the grip of shame

How to overcome the grip of shame. Sarah & Debbie

Moving with the Spirit

Learn some bible-based insights about how to move with the Holy Spirit!

How to have a tidy marriage

6 areas to tidy up in your marriage. Sarah & Debbie

Knowing God

Knowing God (the conversion story of Saul to Paul) Sarah & Brooke.

Knowing God as your provider

Discover four ways to know God as your provider. Sarah and Debbie

God is a trustworthy and creative planner!

Come discover how God is a trustworthy and creative planner through Joseph’s story. Sarah & Debbie

Kingdom Parenting

Unpacking how to be a kingdom focused parent. Sarah & Kimberly

Reignite your heart towards your husband

Discover how to reignite your heart towards your husband. Sarah and Debbie

Boundaries in relationships

How to use boundaries in your relationships. Sarah and Debbie

Daniel and the lion’s den

Key wisdom to glean from the story of Danile and the Lion’s den. Sarah & Brooke

Loving others well & in a healthy way

How to love others well and in a healthy way in this self-centered culture. Sarah & Debbie

Lessons from Rahab the prostitute!

9 insights from the Bible account of Rahab the prostitute…insights that will help you experience beauty from the “ashes” in your life and that will inspire you to step forward with great courage to gain victory! (Debbie and Kimberly)

How to keep your peace

Let explore 7 things that can steal our peace and the antidotes to help us regain and keep our peace. Sarah and Kimberly

Lessons from Jericho

Bible wisdom from the account of the walls of Jericho. Debbie, Brooke, And Sarah

Sacrificing to gain victory

Get inspired to make sacrifices that will lead to great blessings and victories (Debbie and Sarah)

The 3 B’s to thrive!

Learn the 3 B’s that will help you thrive as a woman! (Debbie and Brooke)

Praying in tune with God

How to pray in tune with Gods will. Debbie and Sarah

Are you being sifted?

Revelation of the ways we are sifted and four key strategies to emerge victorious! Debbie & Sarah

Dealing with the monsters of the past

How to deal with facing the monsters of your past and find healing while overcoming shame, resentment, and regret. Debbie and Sarah

The Beauty of Self-discipline

The beauty of becoming a self-disciplined woman. Debbie & Sarah

Waiting patiently on the Lord

How to wait patiently on the Lord during trials and with the people in your life. Debbie, Sarah

Trust in relationships

How to build or restore trust in relationships. “Debbie and Sarah”

Better communication

12 Bible based principles to improve your communication in marriage and all relationships “Debbie and Sarah”

Staying focused during challenges

4 Bible insights from Matthew 14 that reveal how to stay focused during challenging times in life (Debbie and Sarah)

Finding calm in the chaos!

Bible guidance on how to gain soul-deep peace despite the chaos or challenging circumstances in your life! (Debbie and Sarah)

God’s design for sex, sexuality & gender

Learn what the Bible actually reveals about God’s plan for gender, sexuality and sex… learn what tends to cause women to go off course from God’s original design….and learn how to break free from sexual immorality so that you can thrive as God intends! (Debbie and Sarah)

Carrying out the “love” command

One woman’s insights on carrying out God’s instructions to love others as she did a one-year experiment in trying to apply 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love! (Kim Sorrelle)

Guide to better conversations

Get lots of practical tips on how to be assertive without being harsh, how to confront a person instead of engaging in ugly conflict, how to ask great questions in order to truly understand others, and how to gain influence in conversations! (Dr Mike Bechtle)

If concerned about husband or child

Bible guidance if you’re concerned about the behavior or choices of a loved one such as a husband or child (Debbie and Sarah)

Loving your body!

Insights on how to love, embrace and care for your body, as well as a shift in perspective for those who are frustrated with dieting programs! (Jennifer Taylor Wagner)
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