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3 Comments on “Squadron of Sisters

  1. Hello Debbie, Im Hollie From Hawaii, 44 yrs old mother of two grown boys. Married my high school sweetheart, Blaine.We’ve been together since I was 14 yrs old. We Love the Lord dearly! Im afraid I have disappointed the Lord and my husband long enough, by not keeping the house clean. I work full time and I am always so very tired. I only have one day off.So it never gets done. Thankyou , Debbie! I have looked everywhere on the web and found nothing about being a better wife in such specific terms as you explain! Ive felt lost for so long, you have encouraged me! You are the only one I have found on line encouraging wives to get it together. May Our Heavenly Father Protect and Bless you and your family for all your doing for christian wives because the days are wicked and the devil is cunning. So he’s convinced me that I don’t need to clean the house. Now its a disaster! Im to overwhelmed to even really begin. If all you can do is pray for me that I can accomplish mess, and keep it clean. That will be enough for me! All the windows are shut in my house . No one can come over. There is not one counter to my purse down anywhere. Or to eat a meal together. I just need any advice or encouragement from you. You are a woman of God, which is hard to find in this world today. The Lord is doing many amazing works in your life that you have such fantastic videos of encouragement ! Keep up the wonderful work ! Thankyou Debbie!

  2. There’s someone from North Carolina called Fly Lady. She teaches how to keep house one baby step at a time if that helps anyone. Presently learning it myself…

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