Podcasts at Squadron of Sisters

Navigating the seasons of your life (podcast)

Bible insights to help you thrive during both joy-filled seasons and challenging seasons of your life! (Debbie and Sarah)

Thriving through God’s promises! (podcast)

Learn about God’s unconditional and conditional promises, and begin to thrive as you grasp many of the beautiful promises he makes to us in the Bible! (Debbie and Sarah)

The 3 things that lift gloom (short video)

Prompting empathy from husband (short video)

Shepherding your “flock” (podcast)

Insights from 1 Peter 5 that will help you shepherd those in your sphere of influence, learn how to lean into God during times of suffering, and avoid being picked off by the enemy! (Debbie and Sarah)

This helps during heartbreak (short video)

Live like there’s no tomorrow (podcast)

Get inspired to make your life count and learn how to maximize today for the glory of God! (Debbie and Sarah)

Cooped up together! (podcast)

Practical tips and Bible insights on how to live harmoniously with your spouse if you are both at home together most of the time! (Cynthia Ruchti)

Beware of this marriage-killer (short video)

Trading comparisons for peace (podcast)

How to break free from comparisons and find soul-deep peace and your true identity (Denisse Copeland)

Obeying the authorities (podcast)

An examination of 1 Peter 2 where Christians are told to obey the leaders placed over them, as well as a look at other Scriptures and Bible stories that reveal times where it’s appropriate for a Christian to defy government rules or officials (Debbie and Sarah)

Your focus guides your life! (podcast)

What the Christian needs to know about the significance of their focus and how a change in their focus can truly lead to an abundant life! (Max Wilkins).

Below is the youtube video that Max refers to in our discussion 🙂

Your purpose and identity (podcast)

Powerful words from the book of 1 Peter that help you understand your purpose and identity (Debbie and Sarah)

3 ways to handle a bad day (short video)

Holy living for today’s woman (podcast)

Study and application of 1 Peter 1:13-25 (Debbie and Veronica)

How to talk to atheists & doubters (podcast)

How Christians can engage atheists, skeptics and doubters in meaningful conversations and build a relationship with them (Preston Ulmer – wwwthedoubtersclub.com)

Don’t fall for these big fat lies! (short video)

Weathering life’s storms (podcast)

Bible truths and practical tips to help you make it through the storms of life! (Sally Clarkson – http://www.sallyclarkson.com)

Parenting a strong-willed child! (podcast)

Practical tips and Bible-based wisdom on how to parent a stubborn, strong-willed, or rebellious child! (Lucille Williams) More help at: http://www.LuSays.com

7 ways to encounter God (podcast)

Learn 7 ways to pray and encounter the Lord! (Amy Boucher Pye)

Standing strong during turbulent times (podcast)

Bible insights to help you remain strong, steady and unshakeable during turbulent times, whether nationally or personally (Debbie and Nancy)

Capturing your husband’s heart (short video)

God’s plan for our bodies (podcast)

What the Bible reveals about God’s purpose, design, and plan for our physical bodies (Sam Allberry)

When to keep your mouth closed! (podcast)

Bible guidance on when to keep your mouth closed and how to control your tongue! (Debbie and Sarah)

Prayer warrior moms! (podcast)

Learn how to powerfully and effectively pray for your child and yourself! (Brooke McGlothlin)

Approval exhaustion (short video)

Power of your inner spouse-talk (short video)

Navigating pregnancy loss (podcast)

Practical guidance on dealing with layers of grief, plus how to handle a crisis of faith when you’ve lost a baby (Rachel Lewis)

Becoming a beautiful Cinderella he pursues! (podcast)

Bible-based insights and lots of practical tips on how a wife can keep her husband attracted to her and pursuing her! (Debbie and Sarah)

Freedom from sexual sin (podcast)

Bible-based guidance on how to break free from any kind of sexual sin, including pornography, sex outside marriage, etc. (Garrett Kell)
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