The Debbie Chavez Show

Avoiding sinkholes in marriage-Part 2 (podcast)

Learn the last 6 (out of 13) common sinkholes the devil places on your marriage road, and learn how to avoid falling into those sinkholes! (Debbie and Sarah)

Overcoming fear (podcast)

Learn what causes a person to be plagued by fear and learn Bible-based battle strategies to conquer fear! (Ami Thomson)

Finding calm & hope in crisis (podcast)

Get Bible insights that will help you find God’s presence, peace, purpose, and comfort during times of great challenge or crisis (Grace Fox)

Avoiding common sinkholes in marriage (podcast)

Learn to recognize 7 common “sinkholes” on your marriage road and learn how to avoid falling into those traps! (Debbie and Sarah)

Reclaiming your life after divorce (podcast)

Get Bible guidance as well as practical tips on emotional healing after a divorce and learning to move forward to embrace you new life (Tracie Miles)

Processing grief or heartbreaking events (podcast)

Get Bible insights that will help you move through grief and unexpected heartbreaking events so that you can begin to heal and start to find pockets of joy in your daily life once again. (Debbie and Sarah)

Walking through depression with Jesus (podcast)

Learn about causes of depression, how to grapple with depression as a Christian, and things you can do to battle against the darkness (Paul Asay)

Help for people-pleasers (podcast)

Get Bible-based insights that will help you become more secure and less prone to engage in unhealthy people-pleasing! (Dr Mike Bechtle)

Developing courage for your challenge (podcast)

Get inspired to become a woman of courage and get 9 Bible insights that will help you develop courage for the challenges you face. (Debbie and Sarah)

Overcoming bitterness (podcast)

Get Bible insights on how to handle bitter circumstances and how to break free from toxic bitterness in your heart (Stephen Viars)

Overcoming sexual trauma (podcast)

Get Bible insights that will help you move from shame, fear, rejection, and dysfunctional coping mechanisms to victory over sexual trauma (Corajean Blalack)

Coping with grief (podcast)

Receive practical guidance as well as a spiritual perspective on coping with grief from medical doctor, long–time Bible study teacher and author Dr Richard Dew.

Breaking free from an abusive spouse (podcast)

Get Bible-based guidance and practical advice on what to expect as you try to break free from an abusive spouse and how to prepare to break free. (Charlene Quint)

Bible help for depression (podcast)

Get 12 Bible principles to help you get unstuck from depression, hopelessness, or a heavy spirit. (Debbie and Sarah)

The spiritual art of homemaking (podcast)

Get Bible insights on the meaning of homemaking and how to find fulfillment and purpose in creating a nurturing environment in your home (Carrie Gress)

Improving communication (podcast)

Learn to avoid common communication problems with your husband and gain 16 Bible principles that will help you communicate more effectively with your husband! (Debbie and Sarah)

How to share your faith at work (podcast)

Learn how to effectively reflect Christ and your faith in the workplace, whether the workplace is in an office building or at home! (David Gill)

Keeping fear out! (podcast)

Gain 11 Bible insights to help you combat a tendency to be consumed with fear! (Debbie and Sarah)

Finding hope when you don’t like your story (podcast)

Bible insights from the story of Ruth and Naomi that will help you deal with discouraging situations or unexpected challenges in your life. (Heather Dixon)

Responding to the assault on Christianity (podcast)

Longtime pastor of the Moody Church, Dr Erwin Lutzer, reveals the specific tactics being used to divide the church, tactics used to infiltrate the culture and our church with Marxist ideology, and how Christians should respond to this assault!

Putting up & tearing down walls around your heart (podcast)

Bible guidance on when to establish protective walls around your heart and when to take down old protective walls around your heart (Debbie and Sarah)

Healthy intimacy in marriage (podcast)

Get Bible insights and practical tips on how to develop richer emotional and physical intimacy in marriage! (Dr Emma Peacock)

Christian guide to controversial conversations (podcast)

Bible guidance for Christians faced with challenging conversations regarding sexuality, divorce, politics, abortion and more

Help for the battle-weary woman (podcast)

Bible guidance for the woman who is exhausted, frustrated or discouraged in a situation or relationship. (Debbie and Sarah)

Benefits of unplugging from your smartphone (podcast)

Learn the great benefits of a fast from social media, constant scrolling on your phone, continual checking on the news, numbing out with online games, and more! (Wendy Speake)

Recognizing a narcissistic or abusive spouse (podcast)

Learn how to recognize verbal abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse and spiritual abuse by a spouse and why none of this behavior is okay with God! (Charlene Quint)

Becoming a hot Proverbs 31 wife! (podcast)

Learn 5 Bible insights that will help you become super attractive to your husband! (Debbie and Sarah)

Help for stressed-out moms (podcast)

Learn how to trade stressful standards for motherhood for refreshing Gospel truth! (Maggie Combs)

Dealing with marital abuse (podcast)

A Christian woman’s guide to dealing with domestic violence or any kind of emotional abuse, intimidation, control or manipulation in marriage (Donna Wayles)

Handling the drama around you!

Get 4 Bible insights that will guide you as you deal with political drama, cultural drama, workplace drama or drama with close relatives or friends! (Debbie and Sarah)
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