The Debbie Chavez Show

Short video: Receiving God’s comfort

Getting off the emotional roller coaster! (podcast)

Learn how to deal with 8 toxic emotions and how to get off the emotional roller coaster!
(Debbie and Sarah)

Facing your fear monsters! (podcast)

Learn how to face your particular monsters of fear or anxiety and learn why and how you should actually befriend your fear monsters! (Luke Norsworthy)

Short video: Power of pausing in prayer

Short video: Check your thoughts!

Short video: This will ruin your marriage

Re-igniting your faith & passion for God! (podcast)

Get inspired to move past a spiritual slump, re-ignite your faith, and find great intimacy with the Lord! (Debbie and Sarah)

Short video: How respect impacts husband

Short video: Simple way to keep hubby interested

Finding freedom from comparisons! (podcast)

Learn how to break free from the weight of comparing yourself to other women in terms of their appearance, their wealth, their abilities and even their sin! (Shannon Popkin)

The power of gracious words! (podcast)

Short video: The temptation to make him suffer!

Short video: Deepening conversation with him

Short video: Receiving God’s guidance

Short video: When facing something daunting…

Essentials in a wife’s toolbox – part 2

The final 6 tools every wife should have in her tool-box for a healthy marriage! (Debbie and Sarah)

Reclaiming unity among believers! (podcast)

Pastor and best-selling author Tony Evans provides insights on the importance of unity among believers and how to restore that unity!

Short video: If concerned he’s headed wrong way

Short video: Confronting issues in marriage

Essentials in a wife’s toolbox – part 1 (podcast)

Get the first 6 of 12 essential tools in a wife’s toolbox for marriage! (Debbie and Sarah)

Short video: Catch this vision for wives

Short video: Fear of confrontation

Mental illness vs demon possession (podcast)

A psychiatrist, who is also a practicing Christian, gives an interesting perspective on whether dysfunctional behavior and accounts of demon possession in the Bible were actually mental illness or truly demons. (Dr Ragy Girgis)

Short video: Finding the balance…

Finding purpose during a desert season (podcast)

Gain 4 Bible insights that will help you find purpose and encouragement during trials, challenges or desert seasons in your life! (Debbie and Sarah)

Short video: Considering divorce?

Praying for your unsaved husband

Learn how to pray powerfully and with persistence for your husband to accept Christ as his Lord! (Lynn Donovan)

Short video: If you feel burdened…

Short video: Your prayers are powerful!

Short video: Bringing out the best in him

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