Podcasts at Squadron of Sisters

7 ways to encounter God (podcast)

Learn 7 ways to pray and encounter the Lord! (Amy Boucher Pye)

Standing strong during turbulent times (podcast)

Bible insights to help you remain strong, steady and unshakeable during turbulent times, whether nationally or personally (Debbie and Nancy)

Capturing your husband’s heart (short video)

God’s plan for our bodies (podcast)

What the Bible reveals about God’s purpose, design, and plan for our physical bodies (Sam Allberry)

When to keep your mouth closed! (podcast)

Bible guidance on when to keep your mouth closed and how to control your tongue! (Debbie and Sarah)

Prayer warrior moms! (podcast)

Learn how to powerfully and effectively pray for your child and yourself! (Brooke McGlothlin)

Approval exhaustion (short video)

Power of your inner spouse-talk (short video)

Navigating pregnancy loss (podcast)

Practical guidance on dealing with layers of grief, plus how to handle a crisis of faith when you’ve lost a baby (Rachel Lewis)

Becoming a beautiful Cinderella he pursues! (podcast)

Bible-based insights and lots of practical tips on how a wife can keep her husband attracted to her and pursuing her! (Debbie and Sarah)

Freedom from sexual sin (podcast)

Bible-based guidance on how to break free from any kind of sexual sin, including pornography, sex outside marriage, etc. (Garrett Kell)

Coping with forgotten childhood trauma (podcast)

Gain a greater understanding of how traumatic childhood memories are often repressed, how they emerge later, and how God can help you cope with and overcome childhood trauma (Charlotte Thomason)

Hope & help for distressed moms (podcast)

Bible guidance and hope for moms who are distressed in one of 3 ways: because they have a prodigal child, because their child is suffering the consequences of poor choices, or because their child has been deeply wounded by someone (Debbie and Sarah)

Defusing argument before it starts (short video)

Recovering from trauma

Learn tiny steps you can take to help you begin healing and recovering from past trauma so that you can live the joy-filled life Jesus intends! (Juni Felix)

Esteem your husband to greatness! (podcast)

Learn practical ways to show such respect, honor and esteem to your husband that he is motivated to become an even better man! (Debbie and Sarah)

Stop shoulding yourself! (podcast)

Learn how to emerge from unhelpful self-shame, self-condemnation and self-ridicule! (Chris Thurman)

How to trust him again (short video)

Changing the talk inside your head! (podcast)

How to take charge of your thought-life in order to have more peace and better relationships! (Debbie and Sarah)

Handling your anger effectively (short video)

Avoid this communication pitfall! (short video)

Should wife submit to husband? (podcast)

Bible insights that will help you understand God’s instruction for wives to submit to their husbands

Becoming an unoffendable woman! (podcast)

Learn why it’s essential to stop taking offense, what causes us to be so easily offended, and how to stop taking offense and holding onto bitterness! (Debbie and Sarah)

Finding spiritual partners (short video)

Abortion doctor’s journey to pro-life (podcast)

The story of a doctor who performed abortions for Planned Parenthood and is now pro-life! (Patti Giebink)

Overcoming evil with good (podcast)

Bible guidance on how the Christian should respond to evil in our culture and evil behavior in people! (Debbie and Kimberly)

Handling rejection (podcast)

Get insights that will help you overcome feelings of rejection, abandonment, betrayal, shame and insecurity! (Kait Warman)

Short video: If your husband has a crazy idea!

Spiritual practices for anxiety, fear or shame (podcast)

Learn 6 spiritual practices that can help you if are struggling with anxiety, fear, shame or brokenness. (Kellye Fabian)

Overcoming addictions (podcast)

Gain hope and key tools to help you finally break free from an addiction (overeating, porn, alcohol, drugs, shopping, gambling, etc), featuring Pastor and recovery ministry leader John Elmore

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