Squadron of Sisters

Gaining a vivacious relationship with God! (podcast)

How to develop a vivacious, exciting relationship with the Lord!

Creating beauty in your home

Guidance on how to set the atmosphere in your home and bring beauty to all your home’s spaces, as well as practical design tips from an award-winning designer (Ginger Curtis)

Examples of boundaries (short video)

Rebooting your marriage! (podcast)

Learn 14 essential truths every woman should know about marriage, plus get 13 Bible-based insights on how to reboot a stale, empty, or disappointing marriage. (Debbie and Sarah)

Are you disappearing? (short video)

Healing from abuse (podcast)

Bible guidance to help a victim heal from physical, sexual or emotional abuse (Mike Novotny)

Coming up for air when you’re sinking! (podcast)

12 powerful Bible insights that can help you make it through times in life where you feel weighed down, oppressed, or overwhelmed

Bible counsel for eating disorders (podcast)

Biblical guidance for women wrestling with an eating disorder such as binge eating, bulimia or anorexia. (Krista Dunham)

Bible guidance for today’s polarizing issues (podcast)

Learn 13 questions to ask yourself in order to determine how a Christian should respond to the various controversial issues and government decisions in today’s culture (Debbie and Sarah)

Short video: Creating quiet moments with husband

When God says no (podcast)

Bible insights to help you deal with times when God doesn’t seem to be answering your prayers or seems to be saying “no” to your hopes and dreams (Elizabeth Thompson)

Signs you are a true Christian (podcast)

7 signs that you are a true follower of Jesus Christ! (Debbie and Sarah)

Grace-bombing your neighbors! (podcast)

Get inspired to extend unexpected blessings to your neighbors! (Patrick Linnell)

Dealing with the monsters of your past (podcast)

How to recognize and overcome Satan’s schemes to oppress you through shame over past sins or to consume you with self-pity and resentment toward those who have hurt you in the past! (Debbie and Sarah)

The key to healing America (podcast)

Get a powerful perspective on how to begin revival in our country! (Richard Blackaby)

Becoming a sweet, butt-kicking wife! (podcast)

Get essential Bible principles to help a wife learn a healthy balance between being kind woman and being a strong woman of self-respect! (Debbie and Sarah)

Encouragement & guidance for moms (podcast)

Bible-based guidance and lots of practical tips on how to effectively parent your child, whether a newborn baby, teen or adult! (Carol McLeod)

Trusting God while you wait (podcast)

Bible insights on what God is accomplishing in your life while you are in a season of waiting (Krystal Ribble)

Defeating the demon of comparisons (podcast)

Learn the root causes of our neurotic tendency to compare ourselves to other women, and learn how to break free from the tendency to compare! (Debbie and Sarah)

Overcoming childhood trauma (podcast)

Get Bible insights to help you overcome past trauma, whether sexual abuse, physical abuse or emotional abuse…and learn what you can do to begin to live fully as God intends! (Shannon McGraw)

Gaining true intimacy with God (podcast)

Bible insights that will help you experience deeper and richer intimacy with the Lord (Mo Aiken)

Overcoming toxic unforgiveness (podcast)

Learn how unforgiveness negatively impacts your life, learn to recognize unforgiveness and resentment, and get Bible insights to help you overcome resentment and unforgiveness. (Debbie and Sarah)

Talking to your teen about sex (podcast)

Get insights on how a Christian parent can talk effectively to teens about sex and sexuality (Latayne Scott)

Finding joy despite circumstances (podcast)

Learn how to overcome 11 joy-stealers and gain Bible guidance on how to grab hold of joy despite your circumstances! (Debbie and Kimberly)

5 habits for a lasting marriage (podcast)

Learn 5 practices or habits to help you build a strong and lasting marriage! (Brad Hambrick)

Bible help for worriers! (podcast)

Understand the root causes of worry, what the Bible says about worry, and how to stop being consumed by worry! (June Hunt)

Dealing with emotional wounds in marriage (podcast)

Bible guidance for dealing with emotional wounds caused by your husband, whether through outright sin or just disappointment that he’s not meeting your expectations (Debbie)

Recovering the sex life God intended (podcast)

Discover lies Christian women have believed about sex and learn keys for the Christian wife to actually enjoy sexual intimacy with her husband! (Sheila Gregoire)

God’s plans for a woman’s sexuality (podcast)

Learn what the Bible actually reveals about God’s perfect design for sex, how women get off course and suffer negative consequences, and how to overcome sexual sin to become sexually-healthy. (Debbie and Sarah)

Your unique style of connecting to God (podcast)

Learn how to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and discover your own unique style of connecting to God! (Debbie and Sarah)
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