The Debbie Chavez Show

Becoming whole after divorce (podcast)

Learn how to begin healing, learn from past mistakes, and move forward with God’s help following a divorce

Coming back to the real you! (podcast)

Gain insights into what pieces of your original self may have been lost or traded away during life’s journey and how to begin returning to the beautiful, unique you that God created! (Debbie and Sarah)

The powerful purpose of introverts! (podcast)

Learn about the positive and beneficial qualities of an introvert and how to flourish as an introvert! (Holley Gerth “The Powerful Purpose of Introverts”)

Finding freedom from comparisons (podcast)

Gain Bible insights that will help you break free from discontentment, jealousy, and a chronic tendency to compare yourself to others! (Heather Creekmore)

Self-care for today’s Christian woman (podcast)

Learn what the Bible reveals about self-care and how to balance self-care with God’s call for us to love others

Finding blessings in emptiness (podcast)

Gain a valuable new perspective on feelings of emptiness or loneliness! (Nancy Guthrie “God Does His Best Work With Empty)

Gaining rest thru boundaries! (podcast)

Learn why both boundaries and rest are biblical, how to set boundaries and how to find soul-deep rest! (Kelly Balarie)

Decoding the hidden tactics of abuse (podcast)

Learn to recognize the subtle tactics abusers use to control, deceive, intimidate and manipulate their victims, and how to break free from abuse, whether in a personal relationship or within an organization. (Wade Mullen “Something’s Not Right”)

Drifting from the true gospel (podcast)

A thought-provoking discussion on whether Christians have slowly drifted from a relational gospel to a functional gospel that depends upon human effort and achievements! (Pastor Justin Kane “Drifted”)

Becoming spiritually-healthy in marriage (podcast)

Learn how to become a spiritually-healthy woman even during challenges with your husband (Debbie and Sarah)

Overcoming his secret life of sexual sin (podcast)

Gain Biblical and practical guidance on how a wife can begin healing after discovering her husband has betrayed her through pornography or other sexual sin. (Geremy Keeton of Focus on the Family)

Biblical & legal principles for divorce (podcast)

Gain Biblical principles, legal principles and valuable legal advice for a “just” divorce (John Weaver)

Helping your spiritually-apathetic teen (podcast)

Learn 5 common causes of spiritual apathy in teens and what you can do as a parent to prevent that apathy! (Rob Rienow)

God’s plan for your emotions (podcast)

Learn what kind of “feeler” you are, what the Bible reveals about emotions, and how to handle some of the challenging emotions such as depression, anxiety or anger¬† (Elizabeth Laing Thompson)

Dealing with a strong or controlling personality! (podcast)

Learn how to recognize controlling or extremely self-centered behavior and gain Bible guidance on how to deal with a husband or any person who has a strong personality, a controlling personality or a narcissistic personality (Debbie and Sarah)

Gaining wellness in 8 areas of your life (podcast)

Gain Bible-based insights on how to grasp wellness in every area of your life, including physical wellness, mental wellness, financial wellness, and spiritual wellness! (Julie Van Orden “Well With God”)


Short video: What a wife needs from her husband

Slaying the giant of fear (podcast)

Gain Bible insights to help find breakthrough over all kinds of paralyzing fears!  (Krissy Nelson)



Allowing God to redeem your heartbreak or challenge (podcast)

Learn how God can bring beauty from ashes and learn 4 things you can do to make it more possible to experience God’s redeeming power in your situation (Debbie and Sarah)

Protecting kids from device dependency (podcast)

Hear research on the many harmful effects of device dependency on children and learn practical strategies to help your children avoid those harmful effects! (Tom Kersting “Disconnected”)

Short video: Husbands find this disrespectful

Disentangling from unhealthy patterns in relationships (podcast)

Learn the signs that you’re in an enmeshed or codependent relationship and learn 4 ways to help break free from those dysfunctional patterns (Debbie and Sarah)

7 traits of effective parenting (podcast)

Learn the 7 practices that can help a parent become effective in raising responsible, kind and respectful children (Daniel Huerta)

Short video: Don’t fall for these stinky lies!

Affair-proofing & porn-proofing your marriage! (podcast)

Gain insights on why porn use is so destructive, learn 13 things a wife can do to help prevent her husband from sexual sin, and gain 10 insights on how a wife can prevent herself from falling into an unintended affair! (Debbie and Sarah)


Finding freedom from addiction (podcast)

Learn what causes addiction and how to get on the pathway to freedom from addiction! (Chip Dodd, author of Hope in the Age of Addiction)

Short video: Overcoming insecurity

Healing family relationships (podcast)

Bible guidance on how to bring healing to strained or broken relationships with relatives (Rob Rienow)

Grasping the fullness God intends for you! (podcast)

Learn how to access 21 specific treasures Christ has for you! (Debbie and Sarah)

Short video: Seeing yourself like God sees you

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