The Debbie Chavez Show

Mental illness vs demon possession (podcast)

A psychiatrist, who is also a practicing Christian, gives an interesting perspective on whether dysfunctional behavior and accounts of demon possession in the Bible were actually mental illness or truly demons. (Dr Ragy Girgis)

Short video: Finding the balance…

Finding purpose during a desert season (podcast)

Gain 4 Bible insights that will help you find purpose and encouragement during trials, challenges or desert seasons in your life! (Debbie and Sarah)

Short video: Considering divorce?

Praying for your unsaved husband

Learn how to pray powerfully and with persistence for your husband to accept Christ as his Lord! (Lynn Donovan)

Short video: If you feel burdened…

Short video: Your prayers are powerful!

Short video: Bringing out the best in him

Short video: Becoming strong & unshakeable

9 lies the devil tells wives (podcast)

Learn 9 common lies Satan loves to tell wives in order to destroy their marriage, and also get 9 insights on how to battle back against the enemy! (Debbie and Sarah)

Handling anxiety attacks (podcast)

Get Bible insights on how to handle anxiety attacks and fear that robs you of sleep and tends to paralyze you. (Caris Snider)

Short video: Lost that lovin’ feeling?

Short video: Recognizing codependency

Finding joy in the age of self (podcast)

Learn how to find deep, lasting joy in the age of self-focus! (Jen Oshman)

Short video: Finding joy in hardship

Short video: Counterfeit comfort

How to hear God speaking to you! (podcast)

Gain 8 insights that will help you hear God’s voice and receive his guidance! (Debbie and Sarah)

Short video: Little things can draw his heart

Mending strained mother-daughter relationships (podcast)

Learn how to restore fractured or dysfunctional relationships between a mother and a daughter (Dr Helen McIntosh)

Short video: Managing your womanly allure!

Short video: Reasonable boundaries!

Handling powerlessness! (podcast)

Bible-based help and hope for those who feel powerless or fearful and for those who are grasping for control of people or circumstances! (Barb Roose)

Short video: Dealing with anger during fights

Short video: Avoiding financial stress

How men are wired & what husbands need (podcast)

Gain 11 insights into how men are wired, and learn 8 things that most husbands need from their wife! (Debbie and Sarah)

Short video: God notices your distress

Overcoming defense mechanisms that hinder emotional healing (podcast)

Learn to recognize common defense mechanisms that can hinder the emotional healing that Jesus intends for you, and gain insights into how to grasp that deep healing! (Steve Fair)

Short video: Learning to wait!

Short video: Words husbands long to hear

Bringing peace to your marriage! (podcast)

Learn 8 powerful principles that will help bring peace and joy to your marriage! (Ron Price)

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