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Short video: Husbands find this disrespectful

Disentangling from unhealthy patterns in relationships (podcast)

Learn the signs that you’re in an enmeshed or codependent relationship and learn 4 ways to help break free from those dysfunctional patterns (Debbie and Sarah)

7 traits of effective parenting (podcast)

Learn the 7 practices that can help a parent become effective in raising responsible, kind and respectful children (Daniel Huerta)

Short video: Don’t fall for these stinky lies!

Affair-proofing & porn-proofing your marriage! (podcast)

Gain insights on why porn use is so destructive, learn 13 things a wife can do to help prevent her husband from sexual sin, and gain 10 insights on how a wife can prevent herself from falling into an unintended affair! (Debbie and Sarah)


Finding freedom from addiction (podcast)

Learn what causes addiction and how to get on the pathway to freedom from addiction! (Chip Dodd, author of Hope in the Age of Addiction)

Short video: Overcoming insecurity

Healing family relationships (podcast)

Bible guidance on how to bring healing to strained or broken relationships with relatives (Rob Rienow)

Grasping the fullness God intends for you! (podcast)

Learn how to access 21 specific treasures Christ has for you! (Debbie and Sarah)

Short video: Seeing yourself like God sees you

Finding your purpose (podcast)

Learn how to step into God’s purpose for your life, despite challenges from your past or your expectations of how your life should go! (Sam Collier “A Greater Story”)

Becoming a gracious, un-offendable woman! (podcast)

Learn why it’s so important to stop taking offense, the root causes of becoming offended, and how to become a more gracious, un-offendable woman! (Debbie and Sarah)

Helping a teen with anxiety or depression (podcast)

Gain Bible-based insights on how to help your teen break free from anxiety or depression

Short video: Greater emotional intimacy

Dealing with curveballs in life! (podcast)

Learn common reasons some women stay stuck in sorrow, defeat and hopelessness…and get Bible insights to help you become resilient so that you are able to bounce back from curveballs more quickly!

Becoming a spiritually-mature woman (podcast)

Learn the signs that you are still spiritually-immature, learn the benefits of spiritual-maturity, and receive 10 Bible insights on how you can become a more spiritually-mature Christian woman! (Debbie and Sarah)

Upset the world for Jesus! (podcast)

Learn how Jesus upset the world and how He is calling you to upset the world too! (Tim Ross)

Short video: Don’t make big decisions if…

What to do if your husband has changed (podcast)

Get Bible-based guidance on dealing with 3 major areas of change: 1) change where your husband is sinning against you 2) change that is within his control but is not actually a sin against you 3) change that he cannot control (Debbie and Sarah)

Short video: 2 benefits from going natural

6 hidden behaviors that destroy families (podcast)

Learn 6 common destructive behaviors in family units and among relatives, as well as how to overcome those destructive behaviors! (Dr Magdalene Battles)

Why kids misbehave & what to do! (podcast)

Learn what causes children to misbehave and how a parent can effectively respond! (Dr Kevin Leman)

Short video: Dealing with controlling husband

Short video: His need to process requests

Short video: Receiving God’s comfort

Getting off the emotional roller coaster! (podcast)

Learn how to deal with 8 toxic emotions and how to get off the emotional roller coaster!
(Debbie and Sarah)

Facing your fear monsters! (podcast)

Learn how to face your particular monsters of fear or anxiety and learn why and how you should actually befriend your fear monsters! (Luke Norsworthy)

Short video: Power of pausing in prayer

Short video: Check your thoughts!

Short video: This will ruin your marriage

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